How to maintain the battery?

When using the battery for the first time, please use the power charger to charge it. After completing the flight, please put the battery in a shady environment and maintain the battery by charging and discharging every 2-3 months.

How to connect to the map?

After opening the remote control,please follow the APP prompt to connect to WiFi, then you can see the map.

About attitude protection?

During the fixed-wing flight, If the aircraft encounters strong winds, it may enter a dangerous attitude protection and switch from the fixed-wing mode to the rotor mode. If you want to re-enter the fixed-wing mode, you need to press the A button to reset the state, and then press the A button again to switch to the fixed-wing mode.

About return home

During the flight in fixed-wing mode, if a return is triggered (out of control behavior, geographic limitation, severely low battery, etc.),the drone will return to the home point in fixed-wing mode; if you need to cancel the return in the process, you need to press B Key twice(return home button) to release the home state.

The start and update of HEQ FLY APP

After opening remote control,the app will start within 7s automatically.

Under the premise of connecting to the Internet, when there is a new version, click the check update button and there will be a pop-up prompt to update; if there is no network connection, it will fail to update.

Do the propellers need to be tightened before takeoff?

Yes,it need.In order to ensure safety, please tighten the propellers before takeoff.

What is Position and Altitude mode?

Position mode:drone can hover at a fixed point auto.

Altitude mode:drone hold altitude but cant hover at a fixed point.

We suggest new users to choose Position mode to fly.The Altitude mode is suitable for professional player.

Do I need to calibrate the airspeed meter and compass before flying?

Yes,you need.In order to ensure safe flight, the airspeed meter and compass must be calibrated before flying; after the aircraft is connected to the HEQ FLY APP, please enter the control settings to calibrate the airspeed meter and compass.

Why did my payment fail?

Payment failure could be caused by the settings of your credit card or payment account, such as your payment limit and available credit. Please verify this information first. Meanwhile, to ensure your payment safety, the banks and the payment platforms have other protection mechanisms. Transactions rated as high risk by this risk control system will be blocked automatically. If you are paying by credit card, please contact your issuing bank to see if they have deemed the transaction suspicious and blocked it from going through. If you can not solve your payment problem, please contact us via for help.

What payment do we support?

We accept Paypal and Credit card payment.